Preaching & Practicing

Many times we think that in order for God to really work or for life change to happen a person has to be in the four walls of the church building.  We limit God to a period of time, a place, or a position.  When in reality when you read the Word of God you see that most of the “Life Changing Moments” in Jesus and the disciples ministry happened in the “real world” while they were practicing the preaching or putting the Word into practice.

Over and over again we have read and have heard the powerful truth of God’s Word and yet very rarely (in most of our cases)  does that “Word” really begin to be practiced in our world… where we live, breath, and operate.

It is when we put into practice the preaching that real ministry can begin.

I tend to let my situation many times dictate my response and the power that I have.  When in reality I/we need to stop letting our situations change our faith, determination, and confidence in what the Word says about us.

For Job God pulled back the hedge of protection and allowed trauma to come upon his life to see if Job was ready to practice the Word… as we read in the book we find that after Job withstood the pressure and trauma he was elevated in position and stature.  God was able to bring him into the next level of blessing and abundance because he (Job) was ready to graduate to the next level after practicing the preaching!

If we as a body of believers will begin to look at trauma, opposition, and problems we face not as setbacks but as setups where God is allowing us the opportunity to put into practice the preaching (Word of God) so that he can then raise us up to a new level with him how much different our daily lives would be and how greater the impact we would make!

Let me end this post by saying I have not yet arrived but I am hoping to continue to move forward and do more practicing than preaching!

God Bless!

Bro. Tommy

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